Coaching - Club

We offer a comprehensive tennis coaching programme at 5 tennis clubs within Wiltshire. These are Aldbourne, Burbage, Calne, Chiseldon and Purton.

The Tennis Coaching varies from Group Coaching to Individual Coaching for both Adults and Children. Each week we have a coaching theme that is mirrored across all of the tennis clubs and is delivered by an excellent team of tennis coaches.

The cost of tennis coaching is as follows: -

Club Member


£6 per session (Paid half termly or termly depending on the length of the terms) we try to keep the cost down for parents especially if they have more than 1 child. Typically Half Termly fee £36 Termly £72


£7 per session (Paid half termly or termly depending on the length of the terms) Typically Half Termly fee £42 Termly £84

£80 Adult Flexi Card - This is the most popular option for Adults. You buy a series of 10 lessons and it can be used for any sessions we are offering at the club. The card is valid for 6 months so if you dont go to coaching for several weeks, you dont lose out. We offer a £10 discount off your second card if you use the first card withing 2 months of purchase and any subsequent cards used within the space of 2 months.

Individual Lessons are £30 per hour

Non Members

All people attending group coaching must be members of the relevant tennis club Membership details are available within the club sections of the website.

Individual Lessons are £35 per hour (£5 is given to the club for court rental)