Coaching Program


We offer a comprehensive tennis coaching program at Chiseldon Tennis Club.

The Tennis Coaching varies from Group Coaching to Individual Coaching for both Adults and Children. Each week we have a coaching theme that is mirrored across all of the tennis clubs and is delivered by an excellent team of tennis coaches.

Childrens Coaching

Tots Tennis

  • Tots is for 2-4 year olds and is all about having fun. We do the lesson to a story with lots of different activities, all tennis specific. The lesson is usually 30 minutes long and is designed to help Agility, balance, coordination, and speed. It’s a great way to get your youngsters in to tennis.

Mini Red 8 & Under

  • Mini Tennis Red is for players aged 8 and under. It is played on small courts with short rackets and soft balls. It’s just like the real game and gives players opportunities to have long rallies and play different types of shots.

Mini Orange 9 and Under

  • Mini Tennis Orange is a great way for players to continue their progress from Mini Tennis Red and is for players aged 8 and 9. It is played with shorter rackets, softer balls and courts are bigger and wider than the red stage but still smaller than full-size tennis courts allowing players to develop a rounded game whilst learning a range of techniques and tactics. It is the next stage before playing on a full sized court and helps players develop different shots and tactics.

Mini Green 10 and Under

  • Mini Tennis Green is a great way for players to continue their progress from Mini Tennis Orange. It is played on a full size tennis court, with bigger rackets and balls which are a little softer than yellow balls. It’s the next stage before moving on to full compression yellow balls on a full sized court and helps players develop and improve all aspects of their game. 

Juniors 10 and Over

  • Yellow ball is for players aged 11 and over. It is played on a full tennis court, with full size rackets and full compression yellow balls. This is the last stage of your childs development.  Technique and skills that you have developed through the stages of mini tennis can now be put into practice.

Childrens Tennis Camps

Ages 5-10

  • Tennis themed Fun and games, Parents must provide a packed lunch, drinks and snacks for the day. Suitable clothing for outdoor activates required. If you have a tennis racket please bring it along, if not equipment will be supplied

Performance camps - Ages 11+

  • Video analysis at start and end of each day.
  • Technique, stance and tactics
  • Teaching your child to be Dynamic Defenders, Brave Attackers, & Smart Servers.

Adult Tennis

Adults Cardio Tennis

  • Cardio Tennis is a high energy fitness that combines the best features of the sport of tennis with cardiovascular exercise, delivering the ultimate, full body, calorie burning aerobic workout. Most women can burn 300 to 500 calories per hour and men burn between 500 to 1,000. Tennis is a lot of fun and we love to include everyone who wants to have a go - you'll love the social aspect and it’s great for fitness too. If you're new to tennis, or would like to improve your skills with similar level players then this is the course for you. Improve your techniques, forehands and backhands.

Adult Beginner

Tennis Xpress

  • Tennis Xpress is aimed at adults who want to learn the game of tennis. This is a 6 week course and gets you playing tennis as quickly as possible.

Adults Tennis Tech

  • This is a lesson for all adults who want to learn the technical aspects of each shot in tennis. It is a weekly program with a different shot covered each week.

Adult Hard Hitters

  • This is a match play session where we work on different game situations and learn how to deal with the incoming ball and where to send it and how. This is a 1.5 hours session so lots of hitting building up to match play.