Register for Courses

As from 1st May 2018 we no longer use FLOC

To book on a course please click on the link below. Select the Tenns Club then select the course and clic on the BOOK button by the side of the course. This will take you through to the registration page and then the payment page.

We now run courses for the whole year and so course costs are spread out over 12 months via direct debit. We have costed the program based on 42 weeks of tennis coaching but only charged for 39 weeks to allow a buffer for bad weather etc. The cost for juniors per month is £29.99 with a 25% discount if they are members of the club making the cost £22.49. This is a saving of £80 approximately per child per year. Membership costs vary depending on which club you are joining and the cost is not included in the saving. We can invoice termly but this is much more expensive.

For Adult coaching the monthly cost is £34.99 with a 25% discount if they are members of the club making the cost £26.24.

For Shalbourne Tennis Club, After School Clubs and Camps we have a 1 off payment as the programs do not run all year round. Shalbourne program is £84.50 to £65 for 13 weeks (£6.50 to £5 per week) and the after school clubs vary from £55 to £65 depending on the length of term. All payments are through Go Cardless and are paid by direct debit whether it is a 1 off fee or a monthly subscription.

For those of you that liked the lessons plans, pictures and videos of the lessons we posted on FLOC, please ask your coach to set up a WhatsApp group for your lesson and we will use this instead.