Tennis Court Cleaning

Tennis Court Cleaning Prices

Hard Courts - Porus Macadam & Acrylic

£495.00 - Jet Washing


Scaricomb (Astro only) £175.00

Walking Finger Brush (Astro Only) £135.00

Scaricomb & Walking Fingerbrush (Astro Only) £275.00

Power Brush £295.00

Drag Mat  (Astro Only) £135.00

Moss Killing - Standard Size Tennis Court

Hard Courts - Porus Macadam, Acrylic & Astroturf

£175.00 Primary Moss Kill

£135.00 Secondary Moss Kill

Weed and Moss Treatment Fence & Surrounding area £85.00


Moss killing should be done 2 - 4 times per year.  It shoukld be done to prevent moss but once moss has found your court, the moss needs to be managed.


To enquire about this service please email or call 07711 852222